"This husband and wife team is one of the best duos in the world today." Nocturnes in the City / Miloš Krajný (2013)
"...coax tones in perfect harmony of two instruments, as it was happening throughout the evening of the masterly concert of Duo Ventapane. As a listener sitting near the two virtuosos I not only perceived by hearing, but also by watching their fingers dancing across the keyboard and violin strings. Deservedly, Duo Ventapane, founded in 2008, triumphed on tours of Europe and Japan: It is an event that must be experienced." Josef Svoboda / "Nový domov" (2012)
"The expansive musical gestures of the first movement and the required "Patetico" were able to meet a pianist and violinist with matching expressive powers: strong resounding sounds stood there against soft-singing tones. Passionate, urgent seemed the Finale, almost a tone painting in Beethovenian sense. In between there was "Andantino tranquillo e dolce", highlighted by the artists as a great contrast: delicate, almost glass—fragile but also played with Scherzando moments– and with trills in the violin that were reminiscent of birds' singing." Ralf Snurawa (2010)
"...Mana Shiraishi drew the audience into her spell…Wonderfully skilled! You did not know what to admire more: the high level of musicianship of the artists or their perfect ensemble playing." Rudolf Odendahl (2009)
"It is rare to find a performer with Shiraishi's ability to combine technical mastery of the instrument, innate sense of musical style, and commitment to historically accurate performance practices and techniques." Jonathan Crow
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